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Recover the titles of deleted or private YouTube videos

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From time to time, YouTube videos get deleted or set to private.
If such videos are on your playlists, you experience these ugly [Deleted video] or [Private video] playlist items.

Which video was it?
Don't worry... RecoverMy.Video is here to help!

YouTube playlist with deleted video

This is how it works

Create a free RecoverMy.Video account.
After you've logged in, grant "read only" YouTube access to allow RecoverMy.Video to fetch your YouTube channel playlists. (You can revoke your access permission at any time)

From this moment your playlist videos will be tracked!
In case a video gets deleted or set to private on your channel playlists you'll get notified by email. RecoverMy.Video will tell you the titles of such videos.

Most of your other videos, which have been deleted or set to private before your registration on RecoverMy.Video, will be searchable by their videoId.

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