How to recover the titles of deleted YouTube videos

  • • April 2018
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Are you fed up with [Deleted Video] entries on your YouTube playlists?

If videos get deleted (or set to private) on YouTube, you don't see the titles of these videos any more.

These videos just show up as [Deleted Video] on your playlists:

Deleted YouTube playlist video
Deleted playlist video on YouTube

Which video was it? It's annoying, isn't it?

Today you're going to see how RecoverMy.Video helps you to recover the titles of such deleted videos on your YouTube playlists.

This is how it works:

Log in with your Google account

Just go to the RecoverMy.Video homepage and press the blue Recover now button.

RecoverMy.Video homepage with login button
RecoverMy.Video login button

(Don't forget to tick the privacy policy checkbox)

After you've clicked the blue Recover now button the Google login dialog appears.

Google login dialog - choose account
Google login dialog - choose account

Choose your Google account which you use to log in on YouTube. Afterwards this dialog appears:

Google login dialog - grant access
Google login dialog - grant access

To recover the titles of your deleted YouTube videos, you have to give RecoverMy.Video the permission to "view your YouTube account".

Click the Allow button.

Now RecoverMy.Video fetches all the titles of your playlist videos and stores them in its database.

RecoverMy.Video loads playlist videos
RecoverMy.Video loads playlist videos
RecoverMy.Video welcome screen
RecoverMy.Video welcome screen

By saving the titles in its database, it's possible to recover the titles of deleted YouTube videos.

Basically the process to recover deleted YouTube videos works like this:

Okay, demo time!

Let's see how RecoverMy.Video works by an example. Let's say you have following video on one of your YouTube playlists:

RecoverMy.Video test video
RecoverMy.Video test video

Now let's delete the video so that it appears as a deleted video on your playlist:

RecoverMy.Video test video deleted
RecoverMy.Video test video deleted

The next time you log in to RecoverMy.Video the deleted video shows up on the "New" tab:

RecoverMy.Video recovered video title
RecoverMy.Video recovered video title

Here we go! RecoverMy.Video shows you the title of the deleted video.

There are also 2 links (YouTube and Google) which might come in handy. Both links open a new tab and show you the search result pages of the corresponding search engine.

By using these links, it's a no brainer to search for an alternative video.

Now you might wonder what's hidden under the "lost" tab?

Initially deleted YouTube videos
Initially deleted YouTube videos

The "lost" tab contains all videos which already have been deleted before you've logged in to RecoverMy.Video for the first time.

But "lost" doesn't mean necessarily "lost":

By using the "Google" and "" links, you're able to search for these videos by their YouTube-IDs.

In many cases you will find out the titles without any problems.

That's all, folks!

So far I've got much positive user feedback!

Good user feedback on RecoverMy.Video
Happy user feedback - Thanks Tiby! :)

Now it's time to recover YOUR deleted playlist videos on YouTube!

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