RecoverMy.Video will stay online!

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Dear users
I'm happy to announce that RecoverMy.Video will not shut down at the end of November 2021.

What happened?

On September 9th 2021 I've communicated that RecoverMy.Video will shut down at the end of November 2021. The reason was (and still is) that YouTube doesn't allow the monetization of RecoverMy.Video which makes it difficult for me to cover my ongoing costs (maintenance, new features, server, etc.). I was overwhelmed by your kind, supportive and helpful feedback which was created by my announcement, thanks a lot!

Thanks to your feedback I've probably found a solution/idea how I can keep operating RecoverMy.Video.

What happens next?

Right now I'm working on the possible solution to find out whether it will be sustainable. Let's call this PoC (Proof of Concept). In case the PoC should not work I would have to find another solution or I would have to shut down RecoverMy.Video as a last consequence.

During the PoC phase RecoverMy.Video will operate as usual. The PoC phase is not limited to a certain date. It's done when it's done :).
In order to be able to focus on the PoC I will have to give the PoC precedence over any new features on RecoverMy.Video.

In each case I suggest to create regular backups of your recovered video titles using the RecoverMy.Video Export Tool.

Each mass email communication I have to do has a price tag and therefore I will primarily communicate via the RecoverMy.Video homepage in case RecoverMy.Video will relaunch or shut down. Thanks for your understanding.

In case of any questions please visit the feedback page.

Best regards